Some of Our Favorite Resources...




Blue Letter Bible - A great tool for indepth Bible study with commentaries, Greek & Hebrew word studies, etc.


Grace to You (with John MacArthur) - Unleashing God's Truth one verse at a time. - Free, searchable collection of hundreds of hymn texts and MIDI files.


A Puritan Catechism with Scripture proofs by C.H. Spurgeon


Operation World - The definitive guide for how to pray for the nations.


Open Door Ministries - Serving persecuted Christians worldwide and informing us how to pray for them and minister them.




International Mission Board - A great way to connect with what God is doing around the world.


North American Mission Board - A great way to connect with what God is doing in North America.


Beautiful Feet Ministries - Dedicated to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the poor, homeless and neglected, living wherever they can in inner-city Fort Worth.




Answers in Genesis - An apologetics ministry proving the Bible's histortical truth about six days of creation, providing answers to where dionsaurs fit into the Bible, what Noah's ark actually looked like, how DNA proves creationism, and many other things that Christians need answers to.


Living Waters - Inspiring and equipping Christians in fulfilling the Great Commission.




Dave Ramsey - His sound, Biblical, money managment principles will help you to live life like no one else so that you can live like no one else.




Living on the Edge (with Chip Ingram) - Providing resources to help Christians live like Christians.


Focus on the Family - Provides relevant Christian advice on marriage, parenting and other topics.


Plugged In - Provides in-depth reviews from a Christian parent's perspective on the latest movies, video games, music, books, and television shows.


Family Life Today (with Dennis Rainey) - Offers practical help and advice to strengthen marriages and the family through marriage conferences, radio broadcasts, and other resources - including Passport 2 Purity, which is a must-have experience with a parent and their same-sex pre-teen.


Gunn Productions - They make some amazing documentaries that you and your family need to see.


The Family Man - A great site to encourage dads to be who God has called them to be.

Teen Pact - Their mission is to equip Christian teenagers to be leaders in politics, society, and citizenship.

Tomorrow's Forefathers - A ministry committed to equipping the next generation to be strong in the Lord.




Riverbend Retreat Center - Specializes in providing a place for groups to step away from busy day-to-day lives and spend time with God, His Creation and each other.