Our Mission:

To be a Multigenerational, Family Integrated, Great Commandments & Great Commission Church.

Fathers baptizing their own children as the priests of their families is one of the special blessings and traditions at GFFC.

Our Vision:


To be a Church Committed to:


1.  Real Life Love Relationships with Christ.


  • Lived out by (a) individual prayer and personal Bible study, (b) The giving of time, talents, & treasures, (c) Trust in God and (d) Faithful obedience to His commands.


2.  Family Integrated Discipleship, Starting in our Homes & Spreading to the World.


  • We are committed to challenging husbands and fathers to be the spiritual leaders of their families (Josh. 24:17; Eph. 6:4).


  • We are committed to providing parents the resources & encouragement to equip them to disciple their children at home throughout the week (Deut. 6:6-7).


  • Parental involvement is required for most of our children’s events and activities. If a child’s parent(s) is unchurched, then a family at GFFC will provide spiritual covering and mentoring, with the goal of reaching the child’s parent(s) for Christ.


3.  Evangelism & Missions, Both Locally & Globally, Using All Available Tools & Resources to Spread the Gospel.


  • We will use the internet for outreach, with the goal of hosting a global network of home churches.


  • We will develop strategic partnerships with those committed to the Great Commission and Acts 1:8.


  • We will pray, give, and go.


4.  Every Member Being Engaged in Ministry.


  • Regardless of age or experience, every member has been gifted by the Holy Spirit to serve Christ and others (Eph. 2:10, 4:11-12).Therefore, each member is expected to be an active minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


5.  Edifying Fellowship.


  • We will enjoy godly fellowship through eating, playing, and laughing together on a regular basis, as well as through special events designed to get us talking and sharing with each other.