About Us...


Generations of Faith Family Church was founded in the Fall of 2012 out of a desire for a family integrated church whose focus was on the home as the primary place of discipleship.  Grace Family Baptist Church in Spring, Texas was our inspiration for this new, but ancient, paradigm for church ministry.  Our church began as a small group meeting in a family's living room in Springtown, Texas.  We were not sure how many families would join us, but three months later we had outgrown the living room and were meeting at a hotel in Weatherford.  Three months after that, the Lord blessed us with the opportunity to move into an abandoned carpenter's building in Springtown, which has been our home ever since.


Elder Led

The New Testament example for church leadership is a plurality of God-ordained elders. Nowhere in Scripture do we find a local assembly ruled by majority opinion, or by one pastor.  For a detailed study of our understanding of Elder leadership, please read John MacArthur's discussion here:  http://www.gty.org/resources/positions/p11/answering-the-key-questions-about-elders


Homeschool Support

By no means are we a homeschool only fellowship.  However, we strongly encourage Christian education because Jesus taught that students will be like their teachers.  As Voddie Baucham has said, "If you send your kids to Rome, don't be surprised when they come back as Romans."  While not every family is able to home educate their children, those that are have both special blessings and challenges.  Most of our families understand those issues and support each other in various ways.  We'll be happy to share more about that with you if you want.  Just ask!


Ultimately, as Christians, what we sing is about God and His enjoyment and not about us and our musical preference and emotional high.  Therefore, whether we are singing psalms, hymns, or spiritual songs, if the melody that comes out of our hearts is sincere and Christ focused, then our music is spot on.  At GFFC, we include both contemporary and traditional worship, as well as a Hymn of the Month. 

Why No Youth Groups?

As a family integrated church, we do not have age segregated Sunday School classes or a traditional youth group.  We do not want to condemn either of those, but they are not our chosen way of discipleship.  Although we do have special children and youth events throughout the year, it has been our experience that it can be easy for parents to abdicate their discipleship responsibilities to their church's youth and children's ministers.  Therefore, we do not give them that option, but instead encourage regular family worship and discipleship to take place in the home while providing opportunities for fellowship and fun in other ways.  Research has shown that for better or worse, parents are the strongest spiritual influences in their children's lives.  We want to help that parental influence be as Christlike as possible by equipping parents to fulfill their Deut. 6:6-7 calling, which says, “And these words which I command you today shall be in your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up."  The home should be a continual place of family worship and we want to give moms and dads the tools and confidence they need to make that happen.



Since we began GFFC, once a month we lead the service at Beautiful Feet Ministries in downtown Ft. Worth, and then help serve the homeless dinner afterwards.  It's a blessed time.  We also are in the beginning phases of planning our first mission trip and are looking forward to taking the Good News to "Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8)


Our Heart

Ultimately, GFFC is a simple church dedicated to the glory of God.  We are trying to be as true to Scripture as possible in what we do and why we do it.  There is no perfect church, but we are doing our best to love Christ and to love our neighbors.  We invite you to come out and see what the Lord is doing among us.  Hope to see you Sunday!